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Loans without income: are they possible even without guarantees?

December 21, 2019 • Scott Garvey

There is a noticeable difference between those who are without income and without guarantees (or who do not have a demonstrable income), and who, on the other hand, can apply for loans by asking for help from a guarantor . The latter in fact can have almost all the doors open, while for the others the road is all uphill and sometimes finding a solution is almost impossible.

First you need to start from the amount you really need and according to this, even if you do not have personal guarantees or represented by a property, evaluate whether you have assets that can be ‘put into play’, to increase your chances of getting the amount or liquidity you need. However, let’s see the various hypotheses of loans without income .


1. Without demonstrable income

1. Without demonstrable income

Looking for loans online does not make any sense, and it is better to turn to banks with which you have had relationships for a certain period of time, who know the bank movements and have an image built over several years. In this case, rather than a real loan, you can get a fairly large loan or, if you have securities, you can choose a guaranteed credit opening with them or a loan on securities . With an income not demonstrable by income statement, the loan can also be accepted without too much resistance.


2. Without guarantees

2. Without guarantees

If there is no guarantee whatsoever, then there are few solutions. You can opt once again for loans with bills of exchange , which move and fill the absence of guarantees (see also Loans without paycheck ), being themselves a very solid form of guarantee, or a lien . Here is the pledged thing to widely cover the value attributed and monetized in the form of a loan, so there is no consideration of income or the presence of other guarantees. Furthermore, if the sum obtained on loan is not returned, the bank will refer to the object of the pledge, without further consequences.


3. With Guarantor

money loan

If there is a person who is able to repay the installments, the bank does not particularly care if one of the applicants, or even the main one, is without income and without personal guarantees. This is certainly the easiest way to follow, and it is also valid for online requests , it being understood that the amount of documents to be sent becomes much more, because it also involves the guarantor (s) (personal and income documents).

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