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How to Make a Jerkmate Girl Fall For You – It’s Not That Hard!

April 20, 2020 • Scott Garvey

The truth is, if you want to date a workmate girl, there are ways to succeed, but you’ll have to put in some effort. If you’re willing to take that step and improve your odds of success, you can learn what it takes to attract this type of girl.

You see, a workmate girl isn’t all that different from any other woman. They like to be with a good man and will do just about anything they can to get him. It’s important to understand that they’re no different than any other type of girl you’ve been out with, the only difference is, they know it.

Learn how to make your girl fall for you

Learn how to make your girl fall for you

She’ll want to meet you, but she’ll probably be intimidated by you. That’s not a good thing. The best way to get her to open up to you is to make her feel at ease around you.

You see, in order to get her to feel at ease around you, you need to be a confident guy. It’s important to let her know that you’re at least as hot as she is, but you also need to let her know that you’ve got your life in order and that you’re self-assured.

Be confident and be cool at the same time

Be confident and be cool at the same time

If you don’t come across as cool and confident at first, she’ll get intimidated and shy away from you. When you first meet her, let her know you’re “cool” and give her a little confidence to open up to you.

Don’t make it too hard for her to break the ice. She won’t be able to break through the ice right away, so you need to give her some time. Take her out to dinner, and let her get to know you in more detail before introducing her to your friends.

Don’t be an overbearing jerk if you don’t know her that well. She’ll get uneasy when you start nagging her, so you’ll need to be patient and let her get to know you first. She’ll figure out how to get to know you, so don’t be a pest.

Go on dates with a confident guy

Go on dates with a confident guy

There are many jerks out there, so you need to make sure you can be yourself and still be confident.

Now, don’t go on many dates with this guy. Get a few really close dates under your belt so that she’s comfortable with you and that you know your limits.

Once she feels comfortable enough to go on a few dates with you, you can start getting into more dating for a while. Don’t push it too hard, and wait until she feels confident enough to move forward.

Once she’s feeling more confident, take her on more dates with you. Don’t force anything, but find that sweet spot where you feel comfortable enough to let her know that you’re interested in her and want to date her.

You have to be patient with your girl if you want to be her boyfriend, and so take those first few dates slow. Eventually, she’ll warm up to you’ll know how to take her to the next level. It will happen if you’re willing to put in the effort.

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